During all my formal art training, I was programmed not to think of my art as a "decoration" or "sofa enhancement".

My art is a collection of my stories, experiences, responses; a unique human experience in time.

The elements and principals were designed in the 1400 for several reasons: to elevate "art" in the social economy and to have common language to communicate about art in several settings including galleries and museums like all disciplines have evolved to include as a means of rating their performers in technicalities. However they seem to be taught with the same reverence as Inspired by a Master Creator at the beginning of time.

Three times this week I explored "calls for artists" that listed "aesthetics" as their first requirement which also reminded me of teachers reacting to their students' work within the context of "aesthetics", When I see an emphasis on aesthetics to validate or permit my art work into their inner circle, I am moved deeply to keep my work in my cave and happy I don't have to use my art for compensation.

There are venues where artists are encouraged to produce their individual work and I celebrate artists being allowed that freedom in their careers.

 What do you perceive about art as a decoration, pleasing to someone's subjective viewing, taking control of your expression?