Peaking Out From My Cave

Curiosity lead to a district meeting of the Colored Pencil Society; my first awareness and visit to this group. I've visited other art groups arranged around other mediums.
I opened and read about their group early this morning quite by accident. I saw that their monthly meeting was today within a few hours. I got ready in a flash and made the dash to their gathering place.
I was pleasantly impressed by the organization of the meeting, the warmth shared among the group members, the level of instruction, the current and upcoming meeting activities, and the ending "show and critique" which was voluntary, amazing and very positive.
I was introduced at the meeting and when I arrived home, I had already received a lovely email thanking me for coming.
More about my experiences in this society, I plan to join  formally tomorrow, in later posts. I just wanted to share my joyful unexpected experience venturing outside my cave to visit a new group of artists.
Do you step outside your cave to meet with other artists?