Teaching art to the child with us

Teaching fine art to children is labor intensive, time consuming and stategic. They come with limited technical awareness, life experiences, and art exposure along with deeply embedded personal beliefs about what art looks like (Disney, comics, clothing) and expressions (swords, flames, and special effects), how to hold a tool (leaning on elbows and holding a writing instrument) and even how to move the work around to access other areas. I decide whether the lesson will include drawing or focus on a new medium and/or technique, their physical and stamina development, etc.. To scaffold from their present positions to the next level can take hours of prep. It is not just about copying. My students come with masters levels in copying. My goal is to give them new possibilities and tools to create their own unique art.

When I approach my own art making, I am like the children in every aspect except that I have a different scaffolding start point and awareness of materials, mediums and techniques. Still I have to celebrate my embedded beliefs before I can move my next level, all which is time consuming, labor intensive and strategic.