Joy of New Toys

Art can be a joy. It can free the child in us, bringing back memories such as the scent of a new box crayons.

Thanks to a great Michaels coupon, I was able to invest in a full set of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils -- my grown up version of a new box of crayons. 150 soft lead pencils!

What to draw, what to draw, so many choices. But wait!

Before I begin drawing, I've learned to dance with my materials, to develop an emotionally scribed relationship of how they feel in my hands, look on my surface, play my tones in my imaginative ear, shine/blend/interact with my mind's eye, tell the stories of my heart.

So I have dedicated a Strathmore watercolor tablet to recording my materials. Charts vary depending on the medium. I won't blend all 150 pencils on this chart, but will make a swatch of each on this page. 150 pencils divided by 4 sides - 37 swatches per side. Printed or digital charts never accurately represent a medium. The chart below is from one of my watercolor pages, but it gives you an idea of what I am doing.

This is actually a stress-free activity that can span days or less and usually spurs my imagination to create.