A Personal Field Trip

On a recommendation, I took a personal field trip to the Portland (Oregon) Art Museum today. Although the museum is less than a half-hour from my home on a Sunday, I have not been there in nearly 20 years, maybe more, I am embarrassed to admit. My memory of the museum was a tiny two story establishment with limited exhibit space so displays were rotated. The museum also offers free classes for teachers which I attended at least once, but the weekly traffic makes the trip more challenging that roller skating up Mt. Everest.

This art museum is the oldest of its kind in the USA. And in twenty years it has grown to two buildings, four levels each, with art of many kinds represented, a store, and relaxed upscale cafe and lovely courtyard. The parking was right across the street and only $8.00 for a full day on Sundays! In addition to the many exhibits there are classrooms, study rooms, presentation rooms, and more! Docents posted on every level were ready to answer questions and help direct you to other exhibits.

The main draw for me today was the Laika Films exhibit and I was not disappointed. The description read, 
This fall, the Portland Art Museum and the Northwest Film Center celebrate Animating Life: The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA, a groundbreaking view behind-the-curtain into the visionary artistry and technology of the globally renowned animation studio...From the producers of “Coraline,” “Kubo,” and more...
Although I could never get enough of such a good thing, this was close to a spiritual experience and moved me to wish I could remain in the museum for a week to read and re-read each display.

I stayed at the museum for over 3 hours, only leaving when my old legs said there weren't going to hold me up any more while I read every placard of every display in the museum.

Somethings I want to share is Laika Films writing about their creative process involving research and more researching the culture/context of their characters and the settings for each of their productions. In addition to the reseach, their process includes trying and testing a multitude of materials and ideas, including common items like shower curtains. I felt validated in my own process.

I have so much more to share, but this is a blog not a journal so I will leave you with a teasing photo of one of the Laika displays and hope someday you will be able to see their exhibit too.

I also want to recommend that you visit one of your local art museums. I think you will be inspired and maybe even validated in your processes and accomplishments too.
One of the Laika Films exhibit displays at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon) 2018