"Contributing in a Meaningful Way..."

www.heraldnet.com/ 3/2018
This blog has felt a little like a vacuum. I was hoping for interaction, but viewers (which have been many) remain silent. Still I have a need to share. So I was in awe when a new friend told me she has been following my blog and inspired to tamp into her own creativity.

Art does not live in a vacuum. It is an energy inside all of us just waiting to burst forth. Where it lands we don't always know such as Vivian Maier's' photographic film or Leonardo DaVinci's numerous journals. I have a concept of my own art as having something to contribute and I am only the deliverer. So many times a work turns out unexpectedly and I am the first to be touched by it.

Cave Artists abound, but their art does not. Art finds a way out. Read and watch the video about these two musical cave artists who I discovered on a news story this week. Art does not live in a vacuum. How will you release yours today?

Click on this link to read about and hear:
Pair of Intrepid Musicians Climb Cascades Summits To Play...