Drum Roll Please

I did it! Met an art goal! I completed and submitted my first personal art work in over 30 years! Yes, I chose one of the prehistoric Celt inspired ones (see below).

And if viewer participation was a secondary goal, I got that too. Folks were laughing at it and whispering to each other and I could see word bubbles above their heads that read, "What in the hell is that?" That is exactly what I hear viewers say in art museums in front of famous works.

Then I was able to give the crowd an Art History lesson explaining the background for "Faded Stone A'Graph".

I am so excited to have stretched out of my cave today. 

We trade out ACTs by picking a number that matches the numbers on the cards. Synchrocity brought me the ACT of a tatooed eyeball!

As you can see, belonging to good-fit art society can be motivating, educational, and lots of fun.


  1. I might have a reason why the early Celts left the iris of eye white. These were very fair individuals with read hair and light blue eyes. They pigments available to them for coloring things were only an ochre and a reddish brown. Hence, no blue pigments yet discovered = no coloring irises of eye, just left stone-white.


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