Is Creating Art a Stroll, a Mission, or a Journey for You?

When heading toward a destination (a finished work of art)
  • some folks like to take a leisurely stroll, enjoying the moment and looking forward to the destination  -- just have an idea and get to creating
  • some folks make the destination a "mission" i.e. the only reason for the set of preceding activities, having mapped out and timed an efficient journey to reach the destination without distractions - have an idea, reference materials, know your audience and purpose, etc. and get to creating
  • some folks consider the destination just part of the journey that may or may not ever be reached/attained dependent upon how long and engaging the discovered side trips may take -- think about all the possibilities, find inspiration, gather as many materials as is possible, sketch all the ideas that come to mind, read about the topic, get the drift.... oh yeah, the way to DRIFT.
I am a "journey" person which might explain why few of my works are ever completed. 

                                                   Which are you?         💁