Lines Are Long In The Making

Among the many misconceptions about creating art that I want to correct: sketching is not quick. 

We are used to watching 5 minute videos, workshop leaders, 30-minute TV artists. We get frustrated and lose our self confidence when our sketches take so long and need so much work. This is especially true if you are drawing from real life.

Here is my sketch for today. I want to take this to a finished piece for the next Colored Pencil Artist Society meeting. 

This line drawing took me over 2.5 hours. I am an experienced, classically trained artist and it still took me this long. Some things I can sketch more quickly such as landscapes and objects that are round. It is easier to sketch things you have sketched many times before which is what instructors and TV artists demonstrate.

Each sketch is a new experience. Each artist is unique in their rendering. Embrace those truths. Do not compare yourself to any other. Slip into your other conscious state and make a promise to yourself to not give up.
Pencil Sketch: My Wake Up Team 3/24/2018