Sculpting an Image Model

I prefer to "go" to places I plan to render. After viewing the slides of the caves in France where primitive art has been discovered,  I was amazed by the color and smooth texture of the tall walls early humans had to descend to reach deep narrow canyons that they then had to navigate and inhabit. Primal temples of sorts.

Since I could not visit the caves, even if I had the time and money, because they are so protected, I created my own caves with little wads of parchment paper and tortilla chips, a cell camera and built in filters. I now have something that imparts a similar sense toward the original caves; a setting on which I will inscribe early man's marks to write my response to early human's story.


  1. Kathy what a marvelous cave! And such innovative media techniques ~ tortilla chips? You might consider doing a series of these, so unique! :-)

    1. I think about your suggestion. The cave in the photo was a spontaneous response to the live tour of the caves at Lascaux, Fr. I wanted to tactically participate in the tour so I could draw it on the ATCs I am creating.


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