Why "Art" Is in "Heart"

When you are fascinated, engaged, emotionally connected, and have a heart for your subject, it is easy to sketch and imagine many possibilities. The Babaric theme for the "club" ATC became increasingly engaging as I researched the early Celtic people of this era and their visual form of communication.

The challenges I incurred was selecting from a very limited collection of artifacts, creating an original work of art from them, and finding a way to integrate my ideas onto the tiny 2.5 x 3.5 card using only the thick leaded colored pencils.

I decided to take the essence of the early Celt art and use some of the elements in a more modern way. For the scuptures, I used a selfie of myself for a self-portrait.... how "original" is that!

The early Celts rendered faces with "staring" eyes, so I took that into my sketches. They also used curved lines and many scrolls, hence me too (reminded me of ZenDoodles). They often incorporated items related to the main character or object. I tried to do the same in one of mine. That is how I used an inspiration and artifacts in a new original way.

After lunch and a doggie walk this afternoon, I will trace one of the images to my computer using my WACOM Bamboo Slate, refine the image in Corel Painter 2018, then print it onto my watercolor paper in blank and white (sketch mode). I will actually print more than one copy of the same image to experiment with color pallets. That way I will apply the color options without having to redraw my original over and over.

The final touches will be completed before bedtime tonight. Tomorrow I will have an ATC to share at the Colored Pencil Society Artists meeting. Yeah!