Blocking in the Darkest Blacks

Using an older sketch of Emma as a study alongside the reference photo, I am blocking in the areas of the blackest blacks using the Pentalic Watercolor Pencil in Black.

Notice the sketch already had some color/shading and some inaccuracies. No problem, I just use those as guides too. If I try to eliminate my errors, I find I just redraw them over and over. Instead I embrace the mistakes and draw over them. My mind's eye will make the final correction which is what I will use on my final copy.

Oh, and this is not my final copy.

I am fortunate to be able to leave my work out on a table in my kitchen so I can immediately address areas that catch my eye as I pass.

I like using the watercolor pencil as a base layer because I can move the pigment around and I can see where I was before the pigment was applied -- for better or worse -- as the previous guides.
Blocking in the Blackest-Blacks Over a Previous Sketch