Finding the Blackest Black

     My dogs' coats are incredibly black, smooth and shiny. Finding the right combination to portray the essence of those collective furs is always a challenge.
     All blacks in various mediums are not created equal, but all are useable if you know what you have.
     This test of products is to find the right combination of colored pencil products in my stash that would render the darkest, smoothest, shiny parts of my dog Emma's coat (RIP 2013)
     I tested dry colored pencils over water soluable colored pencils to obtain the smoothest look by filling in any white pits and valleys without smashing the paper texture. Additional dry colored pencils glazes will be added to the watercolor base for even more darkness, texture, and reflective light.
     My choice: For my darkest, smoothest, shiny parts of the coat with potential for texture, scratch up and lift I chose Pentalic Black watercolor pencil base layer with Prismacolor dry Black second layer on the Stonehenge paper. Up to 7 layers can be applied on either of the tested papers successfully and both had beautiful results.

Dog picture on right is on printer paper. The tests were conducted on Strathmore 400 series Colored Pencil and  Stonehenge 100% Cotton white papers. Pencil brands included Prismacolor, Pentalic, General's, Polychromos.