Making the Mark

Too draw, all you need is your finger or a stick and some dirt or sand, but if you want to draw something lasting and maybe, inspiring or even archival you might try a pencil.

You might want to try a few pencils because all pencils were not created equal.

Some draw very lightly, some rather dark. Some might be easier to lift or erase. Some come in round cases while others might be triangular. Some have no cases at all. Some smear; Some are water soluable. Get the picture? (pun)

What the heck? Which one to choose? The answer is with experience you will choose the ones that do the job you intended them to do. Below is a chart showing the levels of darkness or lightness of grapite pencils. There are many online. But this is a pretty good representation of what you will find in U.S. stores.

Additionally, there are many websites focussed on the art of "the pencil" of many kinds. I list only a few to get your interest peaked. Pencils are not just used for planning purposes, but can create value scale in a painting and works of fine art in their own right.

Graphite Pencil Grade Scale -