Update Prismacolor Colored Pencil Light-Fast Charts

Chart found on Dick Blick website

I am not sure how current this chart is because I could not find it on the Prismacolor website.
The pencils are highly blendable and claimed to be light-fast. They can be used on multiple papers. There is also a watercolor version of the PrismaColor Pencils. Other brands are also available giving the C.P. and Mixed Media artists a wide range of possibilities.

Carrie Lewis suggests a simple way to test pencils (of all brands) for lightfastness yourself. Read about her method midpage at Test Colored Pencils For Lightfastness

The previous chart was not from a supplier or the manufacturer. It is PDF and I cannot "see" it when I edit to remove it. It is different from the Dick Blick chart, but could provide a broader suggested lightfastness if you look at both charts for pencils you are using at the time.