Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Art

I am a volunteer and have been asked to make suggestions (and then of course to stay and lead) some environmental arts and crafts for an upcoming summer camp.

I have been thinking about ways to use the clear or colored plastic food containers since we can no longer recycle them. So today, instead of my dog painting, I played with recycled plastic  craft options.

I would love to hear some of your suggestions for a children's summer camp environmental arts and crafts.

The top of cherry tomato container, bottom is clear and taller. Need to find a way to plug the little holes. I tried a stick which was also useful for hanging, but water dripped.  Working on this one. Other considerations include a mini planter or a bird feeder.

Really fun and engaging. Template underneath the plastic is a great coloring guide. Mediums tried: Sharpie pens and also craft acrylic which worked much better. Will try paper as in collage later.