Why So Much Ado About Colored and Graphite Pencils?

You might wonder if this is my primary medium. It is one of my favorites for particular projects. I especially love the cleanest of the color options and the blendability so I can create unique pallets. Furthermore, they leave most messes in the studio ;-) and are extremely portable. I also belong to a color pencil society and am inspired to try what I observe at our meetings.

I will bring other medium and techniques here as I get into them again. I am classically trained and an experimenter maximum so I have experience in a broad repretoire of art "tools". Since I am a cave artist and not relying on selling my works, I can immerse myself in one medium or project. Or more likely to spread myself across a number of perpetually unfinished ones.

I am open to suggestions if you want to hear about another topic or medium. It motivates me to bring something else to this blog.

I look forward to your suggestions.