Experimenting With Materials & Techniques on Yupo Paper.

Experimenting Tehniques on Yupo Synthetic Paper

I discovered working on Yupo brings out my primordial creativity. It feels free like childhood art. There are really few possibilities for mistakes, because like digital art, you can erase any part and start over. Oh sure, there will be frustrations and limitations, but I am reeling in the bliss of naivete.

These twelve samples are small experiements with materials related to techniques. Beginning upper right and moving R-L: multicolor colored-pencil 'mandala'", red/blue dry tempera sticks with white acrylic center and random drops of water, blue watercolor with 3 drops of isoprophyl alcohol, Ochre/red/green watercolor runs with handsoap to limit flow and watercolor-gel-medium across top, green liquid watercolor mixed with gel medium gloss, Spanish Orange watercolor wash with one drop water, Blue watercolor wash with salt sprinkles, watercolor "color chart", magenta watercolor lifting, orange watercolor wash with one drop Isoprophy alcohol, Purple/blue watercolor with painter's tape resist and water blend, black colored pencil with watercolor in negative spaces. 

After these dry completely and I spray them with Krylon fixative, I will record the techniques and materials on the back of each and store them in my sampler sketchbook.

I am eager to learn more professional techniques at the workshop next week. This is an excting surface to work on!