Middle of the Night Strokes and Interpolations

When you fall asleep way too early and wake up at 1 am, time to dabble in art; Guaranteed no interruptions at this time and still drowsy enough to not fret over details.

I was curious about the way the watercolor pencils, alone or in conjunction with the wax pencils, could bring out the value scales of black I see in my black lab without adding any reflective coloring. And so I did some swatching and remembered to make some notes.

In one swatch you will see some red tones because I did not see a tiny drop of red paint on the side of my little water container. I love surprises!

I also added filters to two of the images just because they are fun and also I can see some values I did not notice without the filter.

Whether any of these will be incorporated into black lab fur, they will become part of my brush strokes, dabs, and layering reference sheet. (I definitely see a walnut in this group).

So before I lay me back down to sleep, I hope you enjoy these tidbits of art dabbling I intend to keep.