Cameras are ruthless critics.
I decided to work on an ATC (artist trading card) size painting of one of my black labrador retrievers so I would have something to take to my Colored Pencil Society meeting this weekend. I think it is finally beginning to look like a lab. I share with you three steps of my progress after the other trials I have shared previously. This will probably not be the final copy because I have way to much wax on this and it looks too shiny in real life.

My progress so far. Sketch the lab again (I used digital version of sketching). Identify and block in the lighter black areas (one value up from the darkest black).Then I blocked in the darkest black areas. This sequence is different from my usual "darkest first" but it relates to the dog being all black.

I was excited to see the dog evolve as I envisioned. I moved along to what would be a proto for the final.

Then I realized it was time to stop because my eye, brain, hand were not in agreement on what to do next. Time away will be refreshing for me and I am confident I will have a finished product by midweek (I work so time is limited.)