Pondering InThe Cave
My most pressing reason for discontinuing art instruction to children is that the people who insist on stating the lesson outcomes, in unrealistically expected time frames, without recognizing developmental abilties, and the various materials involved, etc. are in every case, not trained educators, nor are they themselves educated in the arts.

I became a teacher long after I was a parent so I understand that parents know their children best. But what I learned later on was that the way I present information to children is not like laying a bowl of kibbles in front on my black lab. They cannot be expected to know exactly what to do on their own.

Some might argue that children just need some materials and the time to play with them. Truly there is a time and place for creative play and discovery, but they will never understand how to make something if they aren't taught how to use the tools and materials.

If adults set a pile of art materials on a table and expect the children to come away with a recognizable scupltured monument in less than an hour, they are setting everyone up for failure, and far worse they set their children up to believe they cannot do art.

I believe humans are wired to create. However humans are not born with the innate knowledge about what is available to make what is in their creative minds, especially today when there is some new product or new technique emerging nearly daily.

Just like most learn the basic forms of their language in order to communicate visually (in writing), they need to learn from others how to make the artistic marks to communicate (in images). That learning needs to be taught purposefully, mindfully and scaffolding as well as in allowing for discovery and practice.

If a blog is a form of communication, sometimes that communication can be controversial. I am telling you my frustration with having to follow directions of folks who know nothing about what they are directing and cannot foresee the disasterous outcome on the near horizon.

 The lack of understanding, by well meaning educated folks, of how students (of all ages) process information and synthesize understanding to application, as well as the misunderstanding of the human innate creative process are factors that result in stripping away of mental potential and fulfillment while also establishing negative impact on a substantial characteristic which is uniquely human.