Know Your Paints and Other Mediums

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Just as important as selecting your color pallet by interest is the knowledge of how your paints will react with the substrate, other paints and mediums, and environmental conditions over time.

During the historic masters artistic eras, most were experimenting with paints and mediums. They made their own and tested and often failed as might be expected. It is said that The Last Supper (Da Vinci) began peeling and falling on the floor within weeks of its installation, forever being repaired.

Gasp! Right?

Today, we have our own testing, but moreover we have science and legal protections (to a point). All paints manufactured today have codes imprinted on the tubes, websites, and product information guides (sometimes). It is important to your art that you become familiar with them and it might even save you money so that you don't purchase inferior products.

One website I found that has the coding explained in easy-to-understand wording is: