More About Paint Information

One dealer I purchase from is are also two retail stores in my area.

After selecting the medium such as watercolor or oil, etc., you will see a list of manufacturers to choose from. After clicking on your choice of manufacturers, a list of their particular paint in your chosen medium appears. The left column contains a paint identification number which is a live link. Click on that. Above the hue's name are three clickable choices. All three are useful, but the most to me is the "Pigmant" icon.

Click on the Pigment icon to see what is in the hue you selected, its drying time, its compatible paints for mixing and techniques and much, much more. The example below is cut off for space considerations here, but gives you an idea of what you might find. Some are shorter or longer depending on how many pigments are in a particular hue.

I believe can be accessed anywhere online for this information. I receive no compensation from Dick Blick and I have not tested other sites to see if they offer the same information.