Visit To An Old Art Form With A New View

Being my birthday as well as my first official vacation day, I decided to visit the Calligraphy Show "Text and Texture" held at the Oregon Society of Artists Gallery in Portland, Oregon (home of Portugal the Man for contemporary music buffs).

While the images I gathered here show the variations in using text in art, I wish I could have shared the broad range of amazing art forms including calligraphy text cut into steel that looked like a large paper cutting.

Represented were local calligraphy artists, some as young as high school art students and the eldest artist being 97 years old (and not a shake in any of her precise letters). 

I learned that there are various forms of calligraphy originating in specific times and places. 

As a leftie, I was never successful at calligraphy, but was comforted hearing today that there are ways I could be a successful calligrapher. I didn't have an interest in this art form before today, but after seeing its use in a variety of artworks, I think I might consider trying in the near future.
The image above shows details from the OSA show entries of (left to right) Christine Colasurdo, Larry Whitson, and Amy Bennett