Multi-age Planning

While every group of students, infants through adults, comes to a class with a range of abilities, (technically, physically, experientially, cognitively, etc.) the gap between a four year old student and an eight year old student can be vast.

Summer camp is not necessarily academic, but there are learning curves in every new experience and summer camp should provide options for success as well as enjoyment.

With that in mind, I am planning some alternative arts and craft activity stations to try and meet the interests and abilities of the 4-9 year old campers I will engage with as well as planning for Day 3.

Some alternative activity stations will be: 1) paint wood cookies 2) paint "dragonflies" I made  from maple seeds and twigs, and 3) make a pendant of found objects from non-reyclable plastic and self-sticking (Contact) paper.

I encourage self expression. The wood cookies can be designed by using shapes available or by drawing and painting/embellishing their own design. They will be invited to reproduce the "dragonflies" by collecting seeds and twigs from the camp floor. They will make a different version of the pendant when they make the planned suncatcher craft.
It is almost time for camp and I am getting nervous. Do you get nervous too when you are asked to perform?