Stop Everything When Your Heart Sings

In the parking lot of the local grocery store, I saw a sunset similar to the one in my WIP (work in progress) painting on Yupo.

Much more dynamic than the photo and captivating on its own rite, it was really the lights and shadows on the trees and buildings that made me feel like I had discovered a treasure. And I had.

Not the dark silhouettes against the intense sky that I saw in so many reference photos! The buildings and leafy trees reflected the sky, even though they faced away from the light source. They defied everything I had been taught. The reflected light sparkled among the leaves (note a sliver of that in the upper right of the photo). I'd found just what I felt intuitively.

I swung my car around several times chasing the fading sunset to get just enough of a photo on my cell to remind me of the colors, lights and shadows and exhilaration. Tomorrow I will recall these when I paint this effect on the Dura-Lar.

I am pretty sure I found my path to completing my painting because I saw it in the sky at the grocery store tonight. What it I had been distracted or had ignored my heart sing at the sight of that sunset?

So never overlook or disregard those moments when something strkes you deeply. Stop everything and take it in. Try to capture some reminders with any camera you have available, knowing that photo will never replace the real thing. You will have a unique emotional response burned in your heart waiting to share with the world in your next paintings.