Treasures of the Forest

Treasures of the Forest - OurAnimal Neighbors
Days 1 and 2 of Adventure Camp art is almost complete. Kids from 4 years old through 8 years old will make a shoe box forest diorama by sponge painting the box and decorating with found objects.

They will create "our treasured neighbors in the forest": raccoon, bee, possum, owl and bear representing the different animal families who live in our Northwest greenways.

The assemblage was not as easy as originally thought. I made several adaptations to meet the needs of the broad range of developmental abilities of this group of children. I created a "set" for each child of each animal consisting of all cut parts with details already added. They will put the parts together and add their personal touches as able.

I can see that I will have to instruct the children to build "sitting" places for the animals in the dioramas to prevent the animals from rolling over. Planning that will be tonight's challenge.

This is a labor of love, no compensation. I love our amazing environment and all its creatures. I love the wonder and spontenaity of child-artists, I agree with the vision of the TreeSong non-profit. So even though this has been time consuming, it has been fulfilling. I cannot wait until I meet with the children!

I want to thank the online folks who have freely offered basic instructions and ideas for this project including but not limited to Creative Family Fun, DLTK-Kids, and Red Ted Art's Blog.