Humming With The Birds

I don't like to draw from pictures I have not taken myself or experiences I have not had myself. I might use others' images as reference for details I cannot see in my own sketches or photos.
From my Canon PowerShot SX20IS camera set to portrait and to burst:

I was delighted these hummingbirds found my new feeders yesterday as I drank coffee on my little deck and look forward to taking more photos as these tiny birds are becoming regular "customers" who are not afraid of me.

This is a Caliope Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the USA weighing 0.1 oz (2.3 gm) and about 3 inches from head to tail. It is migratory travelling over 5000 miles a year (Mexico-Canada roundtrip) and needs lots of nutrition (sugar water and flower nectars) for it's speedy metabolism. Although small, it often picks larger birds of prey (red-tail hawks) to chase. It has been recorded as having an 8 year lifespan.

They are a joy to watch and they always give a little vocalization before they appear at the feeder which heightens the excitement of their visit. Their wings move so quickly, they make a whirling sound like a small toy motor.

Do you have favorite wildlife in your area?

PS: Photography is an art form.
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