During Artistic Famines

Hello again!

Poking along here on my ancient Wacom Cintq so please excuse any spellung errors I don't catch.

I prefer  to post when I have something colorful, exciting and related to art. So this post might be less than colorful and exciting, but definitely related to art in an everyday way.

August is the month I designated as a peronal time to immerse myself in my own art. However August had its "own plan". Friends showed up or phoned from everywhere. I still have return phone calls to make. So fun to see and hear from so many and to get out for Bestie days, but no time for immersing in art.

Then my dog began needing some medical attention which is always time and attention consuming.

Not to be left out, my car had to go in for major repairs all this week. I am driving around in a sporty loaner in which I can barely see over the dashboard.

Weather has been a deterrent to making art with the studio feeling like the inside of a dragon's stomache (as I have imagined it to feel). We are in the midst of a record breaking heat wave so the bricks I purchased last June remain stacked in my back yard until they can be placed when the weather cools. Landscaping is one of my arts.

Needless to say, my artwork has beome a time of intense drawing practice focussed on attempts to draw two matching eyes on a mermaid.

I decided to share this snippet of my life as an artist because it serves as a reminder and encouragement during times when we don't have the luxury to immerse ourselves in productive art.  Don't become discouraged. Those artistic moments will return. Use the distractions as obervation times, doodling, and reading.

I will share one artist I am infatuated with right now.  Jane Davenport's portrayal of whimsical women are a joy to look at and a promise of art of my own to come soon.

While you wait for my next "masterpiece" check out her website and blog.