Potpourri Week

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We've had another week of over 95 degree weather here in the Pacific Northwest. So my neighbor/friend and I left in the cool of the morning around 7 am to drive to Seaside, Oregon on the coast. The high daytime temperature at Seaside was 73 degrees. That was more than 20 degrees cooler than home.
It was a relatively quiet day in Seaside considering it is the last two weeks of summer vacation before the new school year starts again. 

Hundreds of volleyball nets were set up on the sand for a tournament this weekend, along  with food and music. Some of the volleyball players had already arrived and were yelling to each other from the hotel windows above. Street musicians were practicing on the corner. The festivities will generate more activity in this small beach town over the weekend.

My friend and I walked the promenade which was 3 miles round trip per our FitBits. Then we indulged in a less-that-healthy lunch at one of the many restaurants nearby. After lunch we  walked around town, another 3+ miles, before rewarding ourselves with a stop in a bakery. We decided to take those yummies home with us.

Then a romp around the outlet stores before our drive back through the coastal moutain range toward home. 

No art today, just friendship, mindless walking and talking with lots of laughing, and a long pretty drive both ways. Many chores/tasks this week that kept me from playing with inks and paint.

My dog who stayed home to guard the house, was very excited to see me return from Seaside; although disappointed that I didn't take her for a walk in the 95 degree evening.
Today was a little cooler at home. Rain and significantly cooler temps are forecast over the next few days. It has been a long dry spell for which we will all celebrate an ending.

Art has been in my mind and I've carried one of my partially finished imates around with me to check complimenary colors from my world. I am mildly surprised that the colors originally in my mind are not the same colors I am selecting from my house and yard to work best in this painting. 

Until later, I hope you all are having time to take a break and to just to enjoy living,