Mermaids, obsession, myth, amimation, representational, crazy!

Back to the mermaid painting. You sick of hearing about it? I'm sick of looking at it, but yet something compels me to stay with it.

So yesterday, I took a break and went to a local high school where I substitute teach in the art department. Because of the strike the teachers were not allowed in the buildings to set up their classrooms. My teacher friend has a 2-D classroom, a photography lab (the old fashion method, not digital), and a ceramics classroom with a separate supply room that includes two huge kilns. She greeted 180 new students across 6 periods a half hour after she was allowed in the building! She is one of thousands more teachers in similar situations this year.

I spent the day away from my mermaid, thankfully, putting together art supply kits for each student in the 2-d classses. I also got to meet all of the students with their teacher so when I sub they understand that we are all a team on the same page, them included.

During the day I shared my love-hate relationship with my mermaid painting with my teacher-friend. She said casually that I needed to do more than one. I already had the one that represented a certain emotion, and a sketch of one that was technically correct, and a new sketch inspired by the hair of Bachelor in Paradise Olivia. Teacher said I had three paintings, not just one.

OMG! Three mermaid obsessions when I really wanted to get on with an acrylic landscape pour I started this past July!

More about this later.

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