My Art Had Other Ideas

 Yes, I planned to finish/complete this mermaid painting yesterday, but I kept having an unsettled feeling about it. So I stopped at dinner time, walked the dog, and let my subconscious chew on it.

Later after tucking in my dog (she prefers to be snuggled and tucked in), and heading around doing my end-of-day procedures, I remembered something I learned in a recent workshop about alcohol melting acrylic. I immediately wondered if alcohol would harm the rusted rice paper that I had now sadly covered with acrylic paint on the mermaid painting.

I rushed out to the studio and experimented with a sample I had on the table. Voila', no paper hurt in the process and an interesting effects emerged. "Tomorrow" I wisely told myself, "when I am mentally fresh."

I set my alarm clock for what would be today at 7 am so I could get an early (for a nightowl) (8:30) start. I cut various textures of sponge into tiny pieces and began my wipe-out painting procedure on the acrylic-laden mermaid painting.

What you see in the image is the end result of the alcohol wipe out for which I feel a deep contentment. (Didn't correct colors which are not completely accurate but close.)

NOW, for the final touches:

After lunch and a midday, cool, drizzly walk in the park with my dog I will return to the studio. I feel somewhat like I am again in the last hours of my pregnancies which seemed to drag on
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