So-Close, Mermaid


Paintings take so much longer and commitment when you are not using a reference. This painting began many years ago is from my imagination. I'm sure something sparked my imagination, but I have searched online, my files and photos for any original unsuccessfully.

My inspiration comes from my youth actually growing up "in the waters" of the Southern California beaches thrashing and tumbling around inside the waves and massive Pacific Ocean adjacent to Catalina Island which makes you feel as insignificant as a speck of dust -- wonderfully freeing.

My girl-cousins and I would play "mermaids" on the rocks of San Juan Capistrano beach, now inaccessible as an animal refuge and a boat harbor, during our annual family Memorial Day picnic.

So in working on this painting I relived those wonderous moments. I was a mermaid! ;-)

So I truly believe I have finally arrived at the last day of my journey. I still have value-adjustments to make and the face is only sketched in. But this mermaid and I seem to finally be in harmony about our destination. My camera helps me map my progress and suggest the final touches.

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