A Quick Update

Finally the mermaid is coming into focus.

Face still needs contouring, hands need touch-up, fluke (fin) is beginning to look 3-diimensional and in front of the green tail, hair needs some brighter highlights to designate the light from above, and the shell shape needs some "magic" because this is, after all a magical moment mermaid encounter.

So with the to-do list completed, this work will be forevermore my "textbook" of acrylic materials and techniques. It is (as I have said so many times before) almost finished. I am waiting a delivery of tiny undrilled glass beads.

The two paintings on the sides of the mermaid are my little test papers where I slathered on my "what if" experiments. I had no concepts in mind when I was testing but find these little conglomerations of acrylic paint and mediums to be frame-worthy now.

I just thought you might want an update.