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Karen Margulis is an artist, art teacher,
and blogger. She has a large presence on the Internet. Visit her website for starters at

Karen has a workbook on Etsy, which I purchased several months ago and have been working through to create this blog. Please do not blame her for my errors and deviations from her path. The workbook Art Blog Bootcamp 8 Weeks to a Better Blog comes as 31 double sided printed letter-size pages with images.

I have loved this "workbook" since I received it and I have only proceeded through the first 12 double-sided pages, as you can probably observe on my own blog progress.

The cost for her workbook is a mere $10. A true Etsy bargain! And Karen is available online, I suspose if you have a question.

The technical aspects are not the focus of this workbook although she does give some recommendations for using the technology. You will need to be patient with yourself and your blog host to iron out those details, which are evolving. On a happy note, you have lots of company on the Internet so just ask all of us your questions too.

You will never feel alone when you become a blogger. Even if NO ONE ever responds to your blog (ahem!) you know that they are viewing because you have stats saying so. The call from experienced bloggers is to keep blogging anyway because, "If you build it, they will come....eventually."

Happy Blogging. Hope to see and hear from you soon.

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