Shedding Some Light on the Blog Threats

Glass on Glass Mosaic

Following up on the October 1, 2018 pageview spike I learned that these spikes can happen from time to time due to bot activity looking for free advertising for their related sites, which usually contain undesirable content.

    Remedies that I can use and recommend to readers

      • Don't click on any unrecognizable links that are not a part of a approved post
      • Set up comments as "Always Moderated"
      • Set up Comments "By Invitation Only"
First two have been completed. I will be sending invitations to those who have subscribed with a Gmail email address.

If you would also like to post comments on this blog, you will need to subscribe with a Gmail account (because Blogger is a Google product).You can set up a separate free Gmail account for this purpose by going to GMail - Create A New Account.

 When you subscribe or follow you will type in your Gmail email address which is automatically forwarded to me. I do not share or sell your email addresses or any personal information.

There are no charges for the Google Gmail address, the Subscription to this blog or the Invitation to comment on the blog, except those charged by your Internet service provider.

I am happy to continue my blog and will begin to experiment with expanding it through Google +. Hopefully the expansion, moderation, invitation to post comments will generate rewarding interaction and a sense of community for creatives like us.

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