The Glass Beads Will Arrive Tomorrow Evening

Similar 1 mm undrilled glass beads by anchalgems afo etsy  10/30

After struggling with myself on whether using glass beads in my mermaid painting would disqualify it as an accepted art form, I finally decided that it was my own decision whether this is an art form. My own inner critic stalled me for months because I was convinced that after all this work and experimentation my painting would not be real art because it didn't fit within a narrow confine of materials, elements, and/or design concepts.

Really! I am my own worse enemy when it comes to accepting my own creativity!

Once I released my negative notions about what I could and what I could/should not include in my painting, I could really see the final product  and I felt a sense of joyful release. These tiny glass beads will enhance the texturized 2-d image I created that is the product of my own childhood living, playing, learning in the warm coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean off Southern California. Now I can feel and express that sense of freedom and wonderment for all to see.

What stalls your creativity?