Moving Forward, One Stroke At A Time

Mermaid Tail & Fluke
It feels as if I am entering another dimension coming back here after being away for a few weeks.

I have been totally engrossed in painting the mermaid as each step took me to a new discovery and also engaged in building a long awaited patio in front of my art-supply shed. 

As the weather turned I also turned to painting the mermaid indoors during the early cold mornings and then switching to laying the 70+ pavers outdoors in the windy afternoons; only interrupted by the routine 2-mile walk with my dog.

It began when my handyman never showed up to install the patio after that long heat-wave of waiting. The fence repairman told me that he didn't do bricks.

Well, someone had to do it as the monsoons were threatening to return within a week and I had bags of sand and pavers exposed to the elements. I looked around and saw there was only me. The question was then "To Pave Or Not To Pave?" the patio.

With the only obvious response, I rolled up my sleeves, opened a bottle of Tylenol, and decided this would be an outdoor art project before diving into the long ardulous task that is really was.

Victoriously and Gratefully Surprised that I survived to see it completed, I began to anticipate the joy of celebrating my 71st birthday standing on it.  Even in it's unadorned state, I am already in love with the patio.

I can't wait until the return of the sun when  my art will  turn to containers of flowers and naturescaping, hanging birdfeeders and squirrel bowls, and sketching at the table on that patio.

And now back to the mermaid that I have promised so many times as being almost done.

What have you been engaged in this season?
Photos of Progress:

She-Shed Patio Pavers

Close Up of the Mermaid's Hair Texture

Close-Up Mermaid's Tail & Fluke Texture