The Beads Have Arrived, And.....

As the title stated, the tiny glass beads have arrived, the mermaid's tail and fluke are looking more 3-d, her hair more textural and resembling the action of waves, and....

I am still not happy with the facial position and features.

So thinking, thinking, thinking, sketching, observing faces in my world....considering the condition of the current painted face bumpy subtrate....

Time to experiment:

Above, on the right is one of the painted test papers covered with clear soft gel medium. Tissue paper circles applied and gelled into place to see if I could improve the surface area on my mermaid's face where I want to make changes.

As an extra I gelled over the clear glass beads I installed a few days ago. The acrylic glazing medium (experiment) was not strong enough to hold them in place.

On the  left is the other painted test paper covered with white acrylic gesso (I didn't have any clear). Tissue paper ovals applied again to determine if I could improve the surface area where I want to change the face.

Again, as an extra I gessoed over the clear glass beads I installed a few days ago to see if that medium would hold them in place since the glazing liquid was not strong enough.

Tissue paper was selected because it had similar characteristics to the rusted rice paper background and was thin enough to apply almost transparently (hopefully).

Drying overnight, so I will be busy with other things such as the fluke and hair with paint. Beads will have to wait on results of today's experiments with gesso and gel.

You might wonder why I have invested so much time on this painting.

Every experiment on this painting offers me more technical knowledge with which to express myself when using acrylic paints and mediums. I might do several now which won't take as much time because I have a plethora of new acrylic painting techniques in my "tool knowledge". This particular painting brought many questions to mind in my attempt to achieve certain effects. Those lead to my experiments that I could not find solutions for in any books or magazines. That is why I would never sell or give this painting away. It is my textbook of acrylic painting experiments.

I believe that humans are intrinsically creative. It's knowing what materials, supplies, tools and techniques are available to express our creative ideas without compromising them to the "ordinary".