7 Basic Colored Pencil Blending Techniques Video

Before I begin my new colored pencil tutorial "Wood Duck" by Gretchen Evans Parker, I decided to do an exercise in blending. This exercise will be added to my materials-sketchbook.

I posted my materials-sketchbook a few months ago. You can find this in my older posts.

Basically it is a large spiral bound sketchbook where each page represents a product line that I own. For example one page shows all the Golden Liquid acrylics I own. I leave some of the array squares blank to be filled in over time as I purchase new colors in that product line. The array is not just of the native colors, but also how they mix/interact with each other. I found this particularly important when using watercolors and acrylic pours.

I decided to do an array of colored pencil basic blending techniques on drafting film I am currently using after I discovered the YouTube video link below.

At a later time I will add blending on other surfaces such as bristol, sanded, and watercolor paper on this sketchbook page. The completed arrays will be adhered to the sketchbook page with gel medium. I don't own the powder mentioned in the YouTube video below therefore I won't be including that technique in the array at this time. Maybe sometime in the future.

Perhaps if you have some colored pencils laying around, you would like to try these blending techniques. I will post later on my progress. I would love to have you post your progress too.

Seven Ways To Blend Colored Pencils by Unmask Art (YouTube)
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