Mermaid - Finally

I thought this day would never come. Today I am celebrating a sense of completion. I say "sense" of completion because I believe no artwork is ever complete. There is always that just something that needs correcting or emphaszing, straightening, whatever. A college art instructor told our class that he always sells or donates his art as soon as he is finished so he doesn't have to live with all its mistakes. Good advice except...

Mermaid will always be a reminder of all the lessons she taught me about acrylic mediums and special techniques, so she will stay with me. She is a priceless textbook about acrylic painting.

Yes, she will perch in my living room for a few weeks and I might make a little adjustment such as reducing the hue and size of her lips, but that's about it. I will seal and acrylic varnish (not the hardware store kind) before framing her in a totally clear acrylic box so the light can play on the textures.

I wish you could see her first hand because even I am enamoured by her many textures that remind me of many hours in the ocean. This is a painting of my experiences more than a mermaid and for that I feel satisfied.

I hope you enjoy seeing her finally completed. It has been a long journey.