Switching to Colored Pencil Projects

After months of having millions (figuratively speaking) of brushes, acrylic painting-surfaces and mediums, containers of water, tissues and towels, etc. spread across my work table as I worked on the Mermaid, I am looking forward to working with colored pencils again. As you can see, the materials are much more user-friendly and manageable for an indoor studio (my toasty-warm house).

Don't confuse "user friendly" with beginner or restrictive. Google for 'fine art in colored pencil' to see the wide variety of applications and ranges of abilities related to this medium.

I don't have a subject selected yet, so I decided to work through some tutorials I have purchased previously. Ann Kuhllberg's Magazine for Colored Pencil Arists shares and sells individual tutorials, sets of tutorials, video demonstrations, materials, and workshops in the US and Canada. There are even cruises with classes onboard, one in in Hawaii planned for this summer!  Ann Kuhllberg teaches colored pencil classes in person around the world and the SOAR workshop instructors are well known artists. Click on the Face Book and the Website links below to familiarize yourself with this resource and colored pencils as a medium.

The tutorials are copyrighted so I won't be sharing the content, but I will share my work in progress and completed work as well as ways I might use the new ideas in my own artwork. The first tutorial is about using colored pencils on drafting film. I am excited to try working on a new surface.

Stay tuned for updates!

Here are the links (notice that I was selected as a top fan on the Face Book page!!!):

Ann Kuhllberg's Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists Facebook Page

Ann Kuhllberg's Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists Web Page