Tutorial 2 Set Up for Colored Pencil on Drafting Film "Wood Duck"

With a lull after a busy week, I spent a few hours this morning setting up for my next try at colored pencil on Grafix Drafting Film (which is actually Grafix Dura-Lar for drawing and drafting). Most of the set up entailed finding the matching pencils among my vast collection, printing the very detailed lesson and reference photos, and organizing and joining the working "stack".

This is my second tutorial by Gretchen Evans Parker in a set of 4 (not 3 as originally posted) which I purchased on Ann Kuhllberg's Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists website.

The subject of this painting is Wood Duck, a migratory bird along the Pacific Northwest flight path.

I am eager to start, but other commitments will hold me back for a day or two.

Until then, Yours truly,