A Little Lesson Video for Intermediate and Middle School Students

I was asked to bring a Monet art lesson when I substitute teach a 5th grade class soon. The class is studying Paris, France as part of their social studies unit. The students will be making clay gargoyles the following week. I will teach an integrated painting lesson.

I prefer to gather my thoughts, timing, formal lesson plan, basic information, references within a PowerPoint presentation. This provides an opportunity to go over the lesson beforehand with the students, show examples and get them engaged to create. it will be uploaded (not editable) to their Chromebook documents so they can access the reference photos and related links while they work.

And so that is what I created today, and I thought I'd share it with you. Some of you might be teachers, some might be parents, some might just be interested in the topic of Monet's paintings and the art style we call Impressionism.

Warning, the photos in the presentation are copyright protected. There are citations toward the end of the presentation where you can write for permissions if needed. My goal is just to share a moment of art with you all for your information and enjoyment.

Let me know if you were not able to open the video (MP3) file.