Colored Pencil "Wood Duck" Step 1

     While I won't be posting every step of the tutorial because it is not mine to share, I did want to check in here as I begin to work on Gretchen Evans Parker's "Wood Duck" tutorial.
     As you can see I moved my tutorial set-up. I am now working in my kitchen where there is lovely north light and daylight LEDs for night work.
     Four things you might notice:

  1. How much neater and organized I am when working with colored pencils
  2. The color swatches/blending technique I created last week are taped to the table near the computer screen for my reference
  3. Shorter pencils are kept in a safe box easily accessible, along with little sharpener, blending tools, and erasers
  4. Dust brush is right next to my work (I am left-handed)
  5. Silky white gloves are out of sight, but will be on my hands while working 
  6. Reference image is above my work on a computer screen, whether from my laptop, my old workhorse WACOM Cintique, a current or old cell phone/phablet, or a tablet. I use whatever I have available. The digital display seems to provide the best color options and details for me. When using my own references the digital display also provides a great space for testing elements and techniques using art aps and programs   
     I look forward to sharing my progress with you over the next few days. And I invite you to share with me what have you been creating.