Colored Pencils on Drafting Film Technique Samples

Before embarking on the second tutorial "Wood Duck" by Grethen Evans Parker (2016). I wanted to feel more confident with using colored pencils on drafting film. I decided to make samples of various techniques using only the pencils listed in the tutorial.
I added the ink samples based on "Artworks on Film" FB 1/2/2019
The samples are presented over white printer paper.

Samples From left To Right, Top To Bottom:  
Top Row Left                    Layering
Top Row Right                 Burnishing
Row 2, Left and Right    Brush angle and pressure, cold blending
Row 3 Left:                       High intensity colors, overlay light over intense hues
Row 3 Right                     Layering, circular pencil motion, overlay 10% cool gray
Row 4 Left                        Experimenting with lightest cool grays, layering, intensifying
Row 4 Right                     Detail Drawing  comparing pencils for fine details
Top Rectangle                 Burnishing lightest color over layering 
Circles                               White pencil outline (mask) to contain alcohol-diluted ink    
This sheet will be a permanent addition to my materials-sketchbook. The digital version will be added to my copy of the tutorial.