Colored Pencil Version of "Life As A Mermaid" Acrylic Painting

My goal: To make a colored-pencil-on-drafting-film version of my highly textured acrylic "Life As A Mermaid" painting. Thanks to the Artworks on Film group for reminding me to be very organized and prepared before I begin working on my "final copy" piece. This image is a 4 x 6 inch practice piece on drafting film. I am so grateful I tried all my strategies here first. I am eager to start the real colored pencil painting, but am disciplining myself to see the entire practice completed before I do.

A few notes to those who might try drafting film:
  • It is like working on a dry erase board in that you can erase multiple times and there is no damage to the surface
  • Erasing does not work like a whiteboard eraser however in that it does not remove all of the binder each time. Over time (several erasings) that may limit the already-restrictive number of layers you can add in colored pencil.
    • I have been working pretty consistently over the past three days and erased most of the image multiple times in trying new schemes. This is a practice sheet, so I don't mind if I have some smuudges. I am happy that it is so easy to take away something I don't want on the practice sheet.
  • Use a brush to remove crumbs on the surface and the tip of a toothpick to remove crumbs that adhere to the surface. The crumbs contain significant pigment which can make marks on the film surface.