Digital Drawing

Have you ever had a new item that you just couldn't seem to bond with, although your heart really wanted to? It could be a new vaccuum, food processor, security camera, electric drill which is the beginning of the list of things that apply to me. Then one morning a bolt of lightening seems to strike you and you turn one on and command it like a master. It must be how Edison felt when he woke up after flying his kite in an electric storm.

That is the story of me and my WACOM Cintque (the first edition). A neighbor gave me his "old" one two years ago when I was confined to my house during a snow storm after foot surgery. For all this time, I've started and then turned off this digital treasure in frustration.

But yesterday I installed Photoshop Elements 2019 (my answer to a Windows version of  IOS Procreate) and voile' I am drawing on my Wacom!

My first project is to correct the upper body of the mermaid before resurrecting her on drafting film. I can use pen pressure, brush property selection, and even digitally erase (no crumbs!). Everything is working accurately and dependably, including me. I am using the body characteristics in the Marvel drawing books and on a thumb drive shared with me by Randall Vemer, former Oregon Symphony First Chair Viola muscian and oil painting artist-teacher and also volunteer in schools as part of the Oregon Society of Artists Education outreach. He unknowingly has unleashed new art techniques for me.

After a dog walk in the remaing snow and mixing new hummingbird nectar for the newcombers at my windows, I will return to correcting the mermaid before printing a value image to lay under the drafting film. This updated image will be rendered in colored pencils on the film with possible ink enhancing the background.

Get out the toy that has frustrated you. Maybe it is as simple as installing a new software program or AP to get you successfully started.