Mindfully Wading Through A River of Commitments

     Thank you for your patience and interest while I am not blogging regularly. I see so many views on this blog even when I am not adding posts.
    My last post told you about a list of commitments I took on through the end of May and I am in the second week of the busiest times in my recent memory. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying all that I am doing right now, but worry about meeting deadlines and providing quality products and services. More about that toward the end of May.
     Today, I am focusing on developing a prototype blog (which means "design our blog" for the local Colored Pencil Society of Portland, Oregon June meeting presentation. The blog, in its basic form, needs to be complete by the end of May so it can be proofed, edited and approved before the meeting. It is sunny outside and I hear my garden calling me, but that will need to wait.
    What this group is considering is whether a blog link on their website will increase member participation, either digitally or in-person and advance understanding of the colored pencil as a fine art medium as well as to showcase members' artworks.
     Do you visit blogs regularly or own one? Do you agree that blogging can be of benefit to an art society?
     In closing today, on the side of my fascination with the earliest pieces of art history, I want to share the Bradshaw Foundation link I received today <Easter Island Research & Preservation>. As I ponder the remoteness of the Easter Island's 14th to 18th-century massive art in contrast to the increasing number of human visitations from 1981 to the present, I wonder how these intriguing monuments will survive and how we can balance sharing them with preserving them. Your thoughts?