Prodigal Cave Artist Returns

While it seems like an eon, it has only been since Feb 12. I have missed my time on this blog. So much has happened in such a short time.

On a physical side, the flu bug has been rampant even with vaccinations. I've either had it twice or substituted for teachers who have had it multiple times. One class had 13 students (half the class) plus the regular teacher absent in one day! Then I had an extreme reaction to spinal injections that sent doctors into panic mode and me into a number of visits and tests. I'm fine. The docs seemed relieved too.

As an extension to the classrooms, I'm being asked more often to bring an art project that matches what is being learned in each classroom. I personally love the idea and it helps with classroom management when everyone is engaged in making art.

Tonight I am one of the judges of a Clark County Public Utilities' Student Watershed Art Contest.

Environmentally, once the rain stopped (and that seemed to take forever this year), hiking and gardening began. Need I say more!

Within the daily routines, personal art has been "blossoming" beyond my own comfort level. But hey, what is life without a few invigorating challenges?

It began a few months ago when I sent a message to the Ann Kuhllberg <> group asking why there were no SOAR workshops in the Vancouver, Washington USA area. They replied there would be if I wanted to coordinate them. Of course, no payment EXCEPT I can attend any of the workshops in the USA and Canada free of charge, including the ones I coordinate.

That led me on a marketing journey, which I had not been on in several years. I began attending the local First Friday studio visits with my workshop postcards, I contacted the largest major art groups in the area. I located a venue and met with the representative from the Ann Kuhlberg group. In other words, I peeped out of my cave in a big way.

We now have one filled workshop in May scheduled and I am marketing one for August. I am also registered for these plus two others over this summer .... at no charge! How fun!

One thing led to another and I thought I probably should have some colored pencil paintings of my own to display at the workshops to validate my involvement in the workshops. Some are still in progress. And then I was invited/encouraged by one of the art associations to submit work to their Spring Art Show <>. PANIC! But I did. This is my first show ever. I had all three of my submissions accepted. Many of you who have been following me will recognize them, they are now framed.

Michaels was/is having a huge 70% off their custom framing and accepted my 20% discount coupons, so framing was amazingly beautiful and almost free.

Then a friend asked why I never showed my own art at home which is filled with my grandmother's art. And so I pulled out over two dozen frameable pieces. I purchased ready-made frames and will be putting my own artwork on my house walls soon.

The art associations have been so supportive of the colored pencil workshops and of me that I joined two of them: Southwest Washington Artists Association < > and the Colored Pencil Artists Society of Portland < >.

At the CPSA meeting last month, the idea of adding a blog to their website came up. I spoke up....and now I am preparing a presentation about blogs and how that would positively impact their social media presence. If the group is excited, I will be the blog master.

So that's where I have been. How about you?